Fendi Fountain Rescue

Now we have all heard of the Trevi fountain in Rome, whether you have personally been, tossed in a coin to make a wish, or you have seen numerous films where love in inevitable, (and not just in the films it would seem, my beautiful friend Jenni recently got engaged by the fountain =] awwww) it is not surprising that it is in need of constant renovation - especially with the estimated 3,000 visitors it receives daily.

A massive project is underway in an attempt to improve landmarks across Rome, and Fashion house Fendi has announced it will pay £2m for the restoration of the fountain which is said to be the most thorough since completion in 1762.

Awww this did make me smile, can't be having my bessies engagement spot in ruins! And with the amount Fendi charge for their items, I have no doubts they can afford to splash out!


 I have never managed to get to Rome, but I think I will wait until after the building work!  Do you have any tips or love stories to share?

 much love,

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