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If like me you love change, you too will probably be addicted to hair extensions; I am so used to wearing them now that I feel naked without, especially when getting ready for a night on the town.   Extensions are so affordable these days, you can grab some bargains online, and so easy to apply.  I don’t really use them for length but for thickness and I opt for the clip-in extensions as I have a habit of not looking after the hair properly and after a few months I end up looking like the doll whose hair you backcombed so much, that you don’t want to play with her any more. So it’s nice to simply unclip and swap!

I have used a few suppliers online, this time I opted for Lush HairExtensions. I have ordered from this site before and the hair did last a long time.  I have also previously ordered from Hair Rehab London which is Lauren Pope’s hair company, and although I really liked the quality and colour of the hair, I wasn’t convinced that the length was in fact 20 inches as stated on the site, unless stupidly I bought the 18"?! 

The Lush website is very user friendly and there are many colours to choose from.  Last time I ordered I managed to get the colour spot on, however with my hair being attempted Ombre at the moment, this confused me and I went a bit too light! The 20” Deluxe Double Wefted Clip In Human Hair Extensions cost me £64.99 and I opted for the #18/613 Blonde Highlights. I normally get  #8/613 Light Brown/Bleach Blonde which is spot on, so if you have similar hair to mine that is what I’d go with!

Anyway when the pack arrived, the hair was extremely silky, and was definitely long enough! And with a bit of dying I managed to match up the extensions to my hair without causing damage to the quality! Result. I usually wear my hair wavy by curling with straighteners, however when I came to do this, as I normally do with extensions, I found they were not curling very well.  Perhaps this is something to do with the silkiness?

I feel once the extensions have been worn in they will curl more easily and will look more natural, until then though I’ll have to continue trying to pull them off!  And actually now that I have worn them for a full day I feel they are already starting to look better!

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