Tried & Tested: Food #1

Who knew that toastie makers were just for toasties? I came across an article last night that recommended the appliance for making omelettes among other things.  Toasties were over done at uni and I thought what a perfect way to reintroduce this into my life, so when I woke up this morning I was eager and ready to try it out.  If you are as much of a loser as me and you get excited over the little things, you will understand the enjoyment of getting a rectangle shaped egg!

P.S how awesome is the grater! I love it! (simple things!)

So here’s what I did!.....I preheated the toastie maker, whisked up three eggs, (I only normally use two, but I thought three would cover the surface area better) added salt and pepper, grated some of the best cheese in the world (pepper jack) and taw up some kind of miscellaneous sliced meat. (You never really know what kind of meat you’re getting here in Qatar!)

I then added a knob of butter to the plates and poured over half my egg mixture. Here is where I began to realise that perhaps this is why I’d never heard of doing it before! The mixture started to seep over the plates and into the electrics, it was at this point I thought I need to quit whilst I’m ahead, but I had my mother staring at me with the look of - I told you so - so obviously I had to continue (yes...I still have the mentality of a 5 year old!)  I then added the grated cheese, miscellaneous meat and poured over the remaining mixture.  I gave it one last look, begging it to work and closed the lid...... I then grabbed a cloth and began mopping up the mixture as it ran onto the counter! Perfect!

About 5 minutes later it eventually looked cooked, but oh no.... I was wrong.  Another 5 minutes and there we have it.... a lovely rubbery omelette that could rival the food at the work canteen, that we all assume are omelettes!  Oh and one hell of a mess of a toastie maker!  Next time I think I'll do it the usual way and cut it into a triangle with a knife!

So if you fancy making a mess and have no taste buds; this I highly recommend! Have you tried anything as stupid? Let us know what you have tried and tested!

much love,

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