Shoe Addiction

I should probably start by introducing myself... I am Harriet =) I am living in Qatar at the moment, which often is restricting for current fashions - so I have to make do with what I can get away with.... but I make up for this with buying excess shoes!!  It has become an addiction!

I have never blogged before, but wanted to share everything that I love fashion wise.... hope you enjoy!

So.... I have recently come across a FANTASTIC website for shoes... Sole Society! And as soon as I get paid these bad boys will be on order!! I'm loving the nude colour and the fact that they will go with EVERYTHING!

I am also obsessed with spikes at the moment, I do believe that everything can be improved with a few spikes and studs!  Love these loubies and have them on order!! Wish they would get here already!! And I got some cheap knock offs with the nude pair.

Also if you haven't checked out Nelly for shoes you should on the imeed!  There are loads of original designs for cheap prices, it is VERY easy to fill up the ol' online basket!!

H <3


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