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Hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day, I surely did!  Working until 10pm saved me from a night on the sofa devouring tubs of ice cream wallowing in my own self pity, obsessing over the question of "what is wrong with me!"

Happy Valentines Day <3

So I thought whilst I am on my breaks I will inform you of this little D.I.Y beauty, inspired by my love for fringe and kimonos.

I have been wanting to make my own kimono for a while now, and last weekend finally got round to doing it.  They are so easy to wear and can dress up any casual outfit, or with the beach weather creeping around the corner, you could even throw it on over a bikini.

I have worn mine a couple of times now and every time have received many compliments!  I even have had people make orders! =)  So if you fancy giving it a go... here's what I did!

I bought two identical burn out velvet scarves, I got mine from silktown99 store on ebay, the delivery was very quick (they came in about a week) considering they came from China and they really are great quality. I would highly recommend them!

When I received them I lay them out on the floor, making sure that the patterns were identical and then pinned them together until the half way mark.  It would make this process a lot quicker using a sewing machine, but I really couldn't be bothered to get mine out of the cupboard so I hand stitched where I had pinned. 

In a bit of a rush, I will upload more photos as soon as I get a chance!

I then folded the scarves at the point where I had stopped sewing and then pinned each edge from the bottom to about 8 inches from the top. (You can alter this depending how baggy you would like the sleeves!) 

After sewing along the pinned area, the kimono was finished! Simples! I can't wait to make some more!

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