Leather & Skulls

It seems like much of the world is obsessed with nail art at the moment, and I am no exception.  I fell in love with the Ciate collections as soon as the caviar manicure set became available to preorder.  But being in Qatar means we get everything late, so it will be a while before the sequin and suede options make it in stores here.  But I have experimented with the velvet and caviar collections.

Another popular nail art manicure set that I have come across is the Bling It collection by Nails Inc.  They are currently sold out on the website, but could possibly be found in Selfridges where I discovered the Bling It On Midnight.  I found that the colour lasted for ages without chipping, but it was a nightmare to remove which I suppose shows you how strong the colour is! 

Speaking of Nails Inc, this is where I got the leather inspiration for my most recent nail art idea.  They have a leather and skull collection coming soon which I cannot wait to get, but I thought I'd create my own leather look for the time being!
Bling It On Leather & Skulls: Black | Tan

To create the look I used a base coat, a black nail art colour and a matt top coat.

I started by applying the base coat, allowing to dry and then using a paint brush I applied two coats of black polish.

Once the polish was fully dry I then applied one coat of Fixateur Color-Matt (available in City Center Mall).  This instantly transforms any colour to a matt finish and gives it an extra strong coating! I then used the small brush from the art deco polish to paint a tip on each nail. Voila` Leather inspired nails!

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