Dubai Baby!

Just a little blog tonight to let you all know.....

That I am soooo excited to go to Dubai tomorrow, I just cannot contain my excitement!

I have a full weekend planned of shopping, going to see the Stone Roses (I have been on a mad dash to learn all their songs!) and The Script the following night with possibly a spot of sunbathing.  I cannot wait!!

It then occured to me that it is less that 12 hours until I have to be at the airport and I have not even packed, in fact I am still at work!  Soooo in a bid not to forget anything (because I always seem to leave the most vital things behind) I went on a hunt for a packing check list.

This is my favourite of the ones that I found and just wanted to share it with you all, and although I am only going for a weekend and I won't need it all, I WILL be using it tonight when I will be a walking zombie after work!

List from:
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend what ever you are doing, I'll be updating on my return with lots of pics and I can't wait to see all of yours and read all your blogs.  

much love beautiful followers xx

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