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It has become apparent that every morning I have the same long and painful battle.... what to wear?!  I have zero clothes and not nearly enough shoes!  Luckily next weekend I am heading over to Dubai to watch the Stone Roses and then The Script the following night!  It would be rude not to fit in a cheeky shopping trip... or three!

If you have ever lived or have visited Qatar you will have come to the realisation that unless you have serious cash to spend the shopping is diabolical!  So shopping in Dubai is a must!  I have been looking for a bit of inspiration online, and here are a few of the things that have caught my eye!

Ragged Priest - £70

 I am really liking this jumper dress from Ragged Priest, and I literally have just learnt that they have a stockist here in Qatar, I just have to find out where Stylehouse is!... Any clues?  They also have a shop in Dubai in the Wafi mall, so hopefully that will be easier to find!

Spiked Biker Jacket - £72.99
Contrast Biker Jacket - £48.99
I am in desperate need of updating my leather jacket, so in a hunt for a new one found these that I am loving all from Missguided, I just wish it wasn't so hot so I could wear them.... actually, that's a lie! Bring on more sunshine! =)

Tassled Biker Jacket  - £48.99

Nasty Gal have some very pretty items in at the moment, and this headwear is something that I absolutely HAVE to have for the next beach party!  Although I will NOT be spending $100 dollars on it!  I saw a blog on how to make one recently, so I will have a go at that soon and let you'll know how I get on! 
Ahhh so pretty! Rose Bloom Crown - $100
 I am in love with these dresses and top, I have a similar top already in cream from Topshop which I got a while back, but I love the colours and the pattern of this one that I may have to purchase! It is great for work or for a casualish night out!

Fallen Rose Top - $30 | New Romantics Dress - $280 | Meadow Crochet Dress $52 | Spring Standard Dress - $78I

I think I am liking this playsuit, I feel I should try it on as I am not sure that it is really my style, but it's so cute!  What do you think?

Miss Selfridge Playsuit - £40

I told myself that I was not going to buy any more black clothes, that is all I ever seem to wear!  But monochrome is in.... so I am safe for another season!  And THIS I do need!  I found it yesterday and completely forgot where, so have been spent the past 3 hours searching for it!  VoilĂ  here it is!

Asymmetric Peplum Top - £19.99

This has got me all excited for shopping now!  Eeeeeek I cannot wait!!

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