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Well I am a little bit annoyed with myself for the lack of blog communication as of late! So I thought I would give you an overload of photos and an update of things that have been happening lately!

So last time I gave you an update I was on my way to Dubai, (well packing for it anyway!)  as soon as I arrived I jumped into a taxi and spent the next few hours in the Emirates Mall, I stupidly did not pack ANYTHING that I wanted to wear for the whole weekend.  A spending overload later, I finally made it to the Stone Roses gig in Media City.

Topshop: Black Fringe Maxi Cover Up £32.00

I opted for a Topshop jersey mini dress turned maxi via fringe, and dressed it up with black Steve Madden Wedges that I bought last time I was in Dubai and grouped necklaces from H&M.
Steve Madden Strap Cross Wedges £64.99

I stupidly didn't take any full length photos, but here are a few snaps from the night!

Most of Al Jazeera ended up in Dubai!
Stone Roses at Media City.  I went not knowing that Ian Brown was the lead singer of Stone Roses! (I know I know!) Turns out I sat next to him at Nandos! Mini claim to fame!

Well the drinking went far into the early hours of the morning, and I was greeted bright and early by Sally all ready to shop again!  I have no idea how, but I managed to drag my sorry self around Dubai Mall!  I realised that most of the shops have this crazy system where if you want to return something, they end up giving you a gift card rather than refunding the money! Stupid as I don't live there and will rarely be able to use the card!  I suppose its 'free' money next time I go! Every cloud ay! =)

Second night watching the script at Festival City
I opted for a monochrome leopard dress from H&M with wet look leggings (Topshop), and New Look shoe boots. Gotta love the cheap and cheerful New Look shoes!

Black Peeptoe Shoe Boots  £24.99

I also ended up splashing out a little.... and if you know much about Dubai bags then you will know exactly where I got this bad boy from!  All hail the Hermes Birkin! I used it for the first time a couple of days ago, and ended up spilling Thai salad juice EVERYWHERE! Brilliant!! So glad it isn't cloth inside, so I could wipe it clean!

I also ended up buying my first pair of CL shoes, I stole this pic off Google images as I am currently at work, but will upload them on Instagram later tonight!

Anywho..... There have been a few nights out recently, so thought I would leave you with a collection!


 A night would not be complete without a few toilet shots!

 Much love readers! xxx

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