March Madness

I may have gone a little mental with the shopping this month.... especially as I was meant to be saving!  There are soooo many things I want to buy.  I have recently discovered Pretty Little Thing if you have not seen it already you should definitely check the website out.  The prices are really reasonable, and they have some great neon coloured garments in at the moment, I ordered a onesie before I had been paid, otherwise I am sure my basket would have been overly filled!  I'm also really liking the accessories section, here are a few of my fav necklaces from their selection.
This onesie I absolutely am in love with <3 I have been waiting for it to come back in stock since I saw it on Reveal.  It is the cutest thing I have ever seen, I cannot wait for it to arrive, its a shame the weather is heating up here in Qatar and it will be too hot to wear! I may just have to crank up the A/C so my room is arctic!
Polkadot Bow Snuggle Onesie £35
Speaking of it heating up, as if spending a fortune in Dubai on a VS bikini wasn't enough, I ventured onto the website and splashed out on another.  I opted for the add 2 cups bikini top in a bid to look half as good as the model (one can dream) and you know....give the illusion that I actually have boobs!

Victoria Secrets Bikini $80 for top and bottoms
I found the site Nasty Gal on Instagram a while back and have been addicted ever since.  It is an American site, but they do ship to most countries, but Qatar is not yet on the list, so I have had to Aramex it over from the US! They constantly keep their clothes updated, I only bought these items yesterday and already they have new items available! I posted about the fallen rose top last month, but finally decided to buy it.  I bought the Topshop version last year and have worn that on many occasion, so I thought it was about time I changed up the colour.  The top is perfect for a dinner date, or a casual night out and is also very easy to dress up,  I like to wear it with wet look leggings and killer heels.

Fallen Rose Top $30
 And if you hadn't guessed already, it is just not physically possible for me to visit a website and leave without other items in my Tote.  I did however leave items in my wish list for a later date (yay go me!!) but I just could not leave without this little beauty.  I love the three strap shoulder and back detailing, its perfect for the hot summer days that are right around the corner, although in Qatar I will have to wear a jacket over the top, which really does defeat the object of the back detail. Meh... I like it anyway!

Sunshine Kiss Dress $58
Then came the Missguided purchases! (You can tell I am on overnights with not a lot to do other than shop!)  I think most people have heard of missguided, if you haven't it again is very reasonably priced, lots of selection and most items come in a variety of colours! They also ship to Qatar, so brownie points there! I am really liking the midi dresses at the moment they are much more practical than minis with living in a Muslim country.  I like the cross over detail of the animal print dress, not sure how much it will suit me, but thought I would give it a go anyway, something different!  The dress on the right I really liked, although it is very simple, I am in need of more red clothes to match my newly acquired CL's! I thought it could be dressed up with the right jewellery and accessories. They also do it in a bright pink here which I think is fab! 

Animal Print Front Split Midi Dress £14.99 | Ribbed Bodycon Midi Dress £19.99

 Now I have to be careful when it comes to wearing playsuits.  The top half of my body is too long, resulting in, and there is no nice way to say this, but a bit of wedgy, which in the red you can see she seems to have the same problem! A nice feature about missguided is that they have model stats, and the blonde model is two inches taller than me, so I am hoping it will be fine. Buying playsuits online is always a gamble for me for that reason, but for these prices a gamble I am willing to take!

Lace Panel Playsuit £25.99 | Studded Belt Playsuit £19.99
 Off the shoulder dresses and tops appear to be very popular at the moment and are on the majority of clothes websites, it reminds me off the old school Friends episodes, that alone made me want to get one... So I opted for an off the shoulder body which is a great alternative to my current tank top style body.

Bardot Bodysuit £10.99

My shopping trip did not end there with missguied, I also opted for a long multi chain necklace for £10.99 and a simple over sized tee in Navy which comes in about 10 colours and its mega mega cheap at only £9.99. I am ashamed to say I also visited River Island and purchased some new black jeans and sunnies. But in my defence the jeans were reduced to £20!  This is definitely my spending spree over for a long while and back to saving I go! 

What have you bought / want to buy at the moment?

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