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Tis the season of the beloved festivals, and I was lucky enough to attend the daddy of all festivals (or so I was told... it's the only one I have ever done, so I have nothing to compare it to!).... Glastonbuuuuury!!

I may not strike you as the outdoorsy type, and you would be correct in thinking that!  Don't get me wrong, I do love to camp as it reminds me of my tom boy youth, but I also enjoy nice clean toilets and nice clean showers.  Let me tell you 6 days is a looooooong time without having a shower!

What's a festival without a DIY floral headdress?

So, with it being my first festival, I literally had no clue what to expect or more importantly what to take with me.  I had friends and colleagues horrifying me, much to their amusement I am sure, with tales of the ghastly floods in 2005, videos of people falling head first into waist deep mud baths, tales of urine filled bottles being hurled across stadium fields.... That was it.... I changed my mind, I wasn't going!

  But.... I had already paid for it so.... back to the matter in hand!  First to go on my shopping list, a pair of wellies and a water proof mac.  

The only day it rained and we forgot to bring our macs!
Next stop was to think of my accommodation, I opted for the cheapest option and grabbed myself a  £30 two man tent from Millets.  Word of advice, if you have never used or seen your tent, put it up before you get to the festival.  When I thought 2 man tent, I envisaged a bit of height, space for luggage, but no no... I ended up with a tent that I had to crouch, wiggle bum first into, push off into a backward lunge and collapse onto a deflating air bed.  Oh how I pride myself on my elegant demeanour and poise!

Tipi's at Glastonbury
Next time I would love to stay in a tipi.  I'm not sure if they are located in the same area every year, but they were in a prime location this year, where as I heard the camper-van area was a bit of a trek to get to! They house 6 adults, have their own toilet and water stations as well as access to solar showers.  But are they really worth £950?  If you have the cash to spare, I would say hell to the yes!!!

Silent Disco

So....A brief review of the toilets (never is it ok for girls to discuss needing the toilet, until you are faced with having to go at a festival, then it really is a topic for conversation and a moment to gain some sympathy from those around you!) So erm... yeah.... YUCK is a word.... that is until I discovered the best place EVER... the shewee areas!  Let me tell you ladies.... It was bliss!  I NEVER want to pee any other way!! It took me 4 days to realise that these areas existed, but they were all I used the rest of the time!  If you are off to a festival get yourself some of these... believe me!!! Hygienic, disposable & no more squatting. I. Am. Sold!!!

£20 Gong Bath anyone?

So lessons have definitely been learnt for next time, and believe me, there will be a next time!!  I absolutely loved the week we spent there (despite my complaining throughout this blog).  The weather was perfect,  the atmosphere was electric, I got to meet a lovely bunch of people, we actually got some exercise, (doesn't happen much living in Qatar!) as well as experience some pretty awesome bands that I had never heard of, along with some of my favourite acts.  It was just perfect.  Be prepared to spend a hell of a lot of money though and do a hell of a lot of walking!

I shall leave you with a bunch of pictures from my time at the festival now!  Enjoy!

The Park area

Vampire Weekend
Bring a costume, lots of people dress up!

The Rolling Stones gig.  Advice: Bring a flag pole if you want to find your friends in a crowd!

Heels are not really ideal!  Lesson learnt!!

Much love!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. I absolutely love reading and responding to your comments, so please leave them! Don't forget the link to your blog as I would love to follow you back!


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