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 I have searched high and low for certain daily essentials in Qatar over the last three years and failed miserably.  I have resorted to stocking up on products whilst back in the UK or begging people to use up their baggage allowance with hundreds of goodies for me.  Which I bet the majority of us ladies do!  It is also pretty disappointing to discover, when online shopping, that certain things are not eligible to ship to Qatar! But fear not.... I have come across a website that ships products to Qatar! 

Feel Unique

Here are a few of the products that will be thrown into my shopping cart!
The humidity often can cause my hair to get greasy quickly here, and not being able to get dry shampoo drives me insane, and coating my hair in baby powder has really got to stop!  There is only certain lighting that I can get away with having grey hair! These little beauties looks fantastic, they come in the majority of hair colours, so no dull looking hair for any of us!! They also have a promotion at the moment, to receive a free John Masters Organics Set.

 Now.... if you are reading from outside of Qatar, you will be wondering why on earth we need fake tan!  But believe me 25 degrees is pretty chilly after the intense 50+ it reaches in the summer!  So for winter, tanning from the bottle is essential!  I have come across FakeBake in Karissma in City Center, but they don't always have the colour that I want.  And Rimmel sunshimmer can be found if you are lucky.  But it is useful to know, there is a constant supply available at Feel Unique!
 Glow offer an alternative to Moroccan Oil, as do Nazih, but I much prefer this little beauty!

Although Feel Unique doesn't do the exact TIGI that I would usually go for (Some Like it Hot), I do love the Dumb Blonde products too!  

 And for any of you with long hair or extensions, a tangle teezer is a must, I love the Leopard print one, but here are a selection of some that they do!

Happy buying ladies!! 

much love readers,

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